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Want your event to outshine with a Mind Magician: Pick the best Mentalist in Kolkata

About the Telepathy Expert

Preveen Pandita is a globally acclaimed figure who is highly regarded and known for his skills as a mentalist, illusionist, and magician. He partakes in years of dedicated practice in the same field and has curated an award-winning show that has garnered immense popularity on various international television platforms! His performances leave a long lasting impact on the audience, creating an unforgettable experience. Preveen Pandita- best Mentalist in Kolkata is rooted in profound knowledge and expertise which is highly cherished by viewers for a lifetime.


Times Awarded
World's Best Mentalist

The magical journey behind the acts of the Illusionist Preveen Pandita

In the new age world, the art of an illusionist is not only acknowledged but recognised widely. Preveen Pandita is a brand face of live entertainment industry and has entertained some of the biggest national and international celebrities across the Globe. He has been awarded as the ‘World's Best Mentalist Show’ at AXN Global Awards, has been featured on India's Got Talent fame and AXN ripleys believe it or not fame. He has been active on other National TV shows like TRICK OR REAL for Discovery Channel, featured on Mx Player and Zee TV.

He is famous for his hit TV special "Mystical Stranger" a live street magic television show broadcasted across north India, in 2012.

Preveen Pandita has Performed commercially successful shows across all major cities in India and has been invited by many prestigious organisations including IIT Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati, Madras; Indian Army; SAARG SUMMIT; NPCIL, IIM'S and TED TALKS.

He has undoubtedly made us proud by representing India at Ripleys Museum London in the field of Magic. He is also a Brand ambassador of many elite products across India including New E-class Mercedes cars.

Preveen is also India's Got talent fame and AXN ripleys believe it or not fame.

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Choose the eternal mind thrill with the magic of the best Illusionist

Preveen Pandita acts like your personal illusionist even in a crowd. The magic of Preveen is absolutely surreal and he is a combination of clever effects & hilarious elite class humour. He will make his way through each and every mind in the crowd and will touch each person’s heart with the power of his wisdom and hard-work of magic. He can read minds and is most likely to read yours! Why miss a chance when you can experience the power yourself! He performs at Corporate parties, weddings and will make your social gathering a memorable one with his tricks.


Role of concentration and psychology in Becoming a Mentalist

Becoming a mentalist is a captivating art form that adds up to a profound grasp of concentration and psychology. This demands an intricate understanding of how these two elements interplay to create the illusion of extraordinary abilities while captivating the audience.

Concentration plays a great role and central to the mentalist is an unwavering ability to concentrate deeply where they execute feats that seemingly defy logic necessitating focus on the task at hand.

A profound comprehension of human psychology is deeply pivotal for mentalists. They must adeptly discern body language and facial expressions. This insight empowers mentalists to influence and shape the thoughts and perceptions of their esteemed spectators.

Mentalists establish connections and excel in forging connections with their audience utilising psychology to cultivate an atmosphere that elevates their act. They establish trust and a sense of intimacy with spectators and mentalists to enhance the susceptibility of their audience.

The journey to becoming a mentalist revolves around the mastery of concentration and psychology. It entails refining one's skills and getting into the intricacies of human cognition and perception. Adept manipulation of the elements of craft mesmerising and multiple performances is what makes a mentalist proficient.



Yes, adults and kids above the age of 7 can be a part of the performances.

The stage is all the magical wants and he is fully equipped with the material he requires.

Once the tickets are booked, the show cannot be cancelled or refunded.

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With Preveen Pandita, a highly skilled mentalist and magician, you can rest assured to create a sense of wonder and amazement. He uses his knowledge of psychology, body language, and suggestion to create illusions that will leave your guests feeling baffled and entertained.

He specialises in tailoring audience experience with performances to fit the specific needs of your event. Whether you're looking for something light and fun or something more thought-provoking, Preveen Pandita can create an experience that will resonate with your audience and help to boost morale and productivity. A well-performed mentalism show can leave your guests feeling energized and inspired, which can lead to increased productivity in the workplace.

If you are still wondering why Mentalism, there are plenty of reasons for you to choose it for your next corporate event.

Mentalism can help to build team spirit. When people are working together to solve a mentalist's puzzle or mystery, it can help to build camaraderie and trust.

Mentalism can be used to promote your company's brand. A mentalist can incorporate your company's logo, colors, or messaging into their performance, which can help to create a more memorable and effective marketing experience.

Mentalism can be used to train employees. Mentalists often use techniques such as observation, memory, and persuasion in their performances. These same techniques can be used to train employees in areas such as customer service, sales, and leadership.

Moreover, if you're looking for a unique and engaging way to entertain your guests at your next corporate event, Preveen Pandita can be your expert.

Wedding events become a lifetime memory for a couple that takes vows to commit to each other for a lifetime. This is the day when you and your beloved are accompanied by friends and family to celebrate your lifetime of togetherness.

So why not make this experience unforgettable with Preveen Pandita, the renowned mentalist and magician known for offering a unique and engaging form of entertainment. Mentalism is not something that people typically see at weddings, so it can be a great way to break the ice and get everyone to enjoy the big day.

Preveen Pandita is a skilled performer who can create a sense of wonder and amazement. He uses his knowledge of psychology, body language, and suggestion to create illusions that will leave your guests feeling baffled and entertained. The best part is that he can tailor his performances to fit the specific needs of your wedding events.

Whether you're looking for something light and fun or something more thought-provoking, Preveen Pandita can create a show that will resonate with your audience. With his Mentalism performance, you can add a touch of mystery and intrigue to your wedding.

Preveen offers an interactive experience that often involves audience participation, making it a highly interactive experience. This can help break the ice among guests who might not know each other well, encouraging mingling and creating a more dynamic atmosphere. He is a true conversation starter who often leaves people in awe and wonder, giving guests something interesting to discuss and share during the event. This can enhance social interactions and make the party more engaging.

He is an expert who adapts his performances to suit various settings and themes. Overall, Preveen Pandita is an expert in his field and can be a fantastic addition to your social party event, creating an entertaining and memorable experience for your guests while fostering an atmosphere of wonder and excitement.